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William Shakespaw

Male| Cattldog/lab mix

Meet William Shakespaw!

William Shakespaw is a goofy lovable young dog who is treat motivated and loves to go on walks. He also loves a good game of tug of war and enjoys stuffed animal toys or squeakers. He would do great with a young couple full of energy where he can grow and mature. He is good with other dogs, but plays rough and tries to dominate, so a strong handler is needed to keep him in check. Also necessary is tolerant dogs. He is good with school aged children, but is energetic and not aware of his size, so may be best with older kids. He knows a few simple commands and is willing to learn more with treats. He chills out in his crate and always gets excited to see you. He is potty trained, crate trained and is working on his manners. He is an excitable pee-er, so it will be best to have belly bands on hand in the beginning until he adjusts to the new home and surroundings. In just a few weeks he’s shown so much improvement from his shelter life where he has been since May 2022. He will make an amazing companion for the family that is lucky enough to call them theirs!

William Shakespaw
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