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Male | Pit Mix | 3 yrs

Meet Oakley!

Oakley is an almost 3 year old pit mix who is house trained and obedience trained. He is completely content snuggling his person all day but also just as happy to perform zoomies around the yard. He does not do well kenneled, as he exhibits anxiety when crated, but does not chew up the home or furniture when left to free roam the house while his people are away. He walks well on a leash with his gentle face leader and knows basic commands. He loves chew bones and enjoys having plenty of dog toys to choose from. He will follow you everywhere from giving you no privacy while going to the bathroom to being at your side while you bring in the groceries.

Oakley will do best, however, as an only dog or in a home with a dog equal to his size or bigger and female and a home with teenager or older children. NO small dogs or cats.

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